Research &

Continuous innovation is essential to life as new discoveries and established pathogens present new and unique concerns for delivering effective care. We work to create intuitive infection prevention solutions.

The benchmark for safety has

Strong Research

Our team is dedicated to developing progressive solutions to existing and growing problems.

Rising Threats

The need to continuously innovate and rise to the challenge posed by microbes is a pressing concern.

Robust Evidence

We fund research and conduct our own advancements in these areas and support our technologies with clinical evidence.

Thorough Processes

Our world-class advisory board ensures that we follow a rigorous and smart peer-review process.

Creating a Protected World

Our performance and quality assurance tests meet international qualification criteria and are outsourced to recognised third-party testing facilities. Biosafety and the reduction of infectivity are at the core of our testing standards.

We have tested our technology against key viruses (enveloped and non-enveloped), bacteria (gram-positive and negative) and fungi.

Invisi Smart Mask™ has been tested against human coronavirus and not a weaker strain from the feline coronavirus subfamily.


Our main ingredient, titanium dioxide, is an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved molecule. It is generally recognised as safe (GRAS) by the FDA, with up to 1% allowance in food products without having to add it to the ingredients label.

Academic Collaborations

In collaboration with respected universities, we are conducting research and development to create safer and more comfortable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to better serve our healthcare systems.

Our dedication to providing next-generation care has led us to tackle current concerns surrounding protective equipment in the healthcare system.